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Welcome To Car  Care  Centre L.L.C


Car  Care  Centre  L.L.C  has been providing auto wash & Auto Polishing  services in the United Arab Emirates over 23 years. Car  Care  Centre L.L.C’s  services include interior cleaning as well as multiple exterior wash and polish options. Our unmatched auto wash and polish services make us a complete auto cleanliness solution with our spectacular car washing services. Car  Care  Centre L.L.C   offers a reliable, quick and efficient high quality exterior only car detailing service. Car  Care  Centre L.L.C’s  goal is to make you a happy customer each time you sought out our services! 


Your car will maintain it’s cleanliness up to longer periods following a visit to our auto Car Care Centre quite simply due to our one of a kind polish enhancer, we generously apply after each car washing service. Here at the Car Care  Centre L.L.C there are multiple possibilities for exterior packages which will cater to your exact car detailing service requirements.


 Why Our Services?


We offer quality car washing and polishing services with cutting edge technology so contact our auto car care centre for some amazing services. We use technological waterless washing. You spent a small fortune on your car. Now it is time to protect it.


The older auto wash brushes will scratch your paint. Washing your car at home uses 10 times the water. Not to mention the polluted water from hand washing pours right into the storm drain damaging the environment. Nothing feels better than driving a clean, well-maintained automobile. 


Car Care Centre  dedication & hard work practices for proper auto detailing, as well as our unrivaled know-how concerning car cleaning, swirl removal, waxing, and quite a few others has enabled the amass a serious following of automobile, motorcycle & RV enthusiasts alike.


We welcome you to browse through our website so as to get a clearer peace of mind when it comes to the benefits of professional car chip repair and to showcase our true passion towards clean and shiny automobiles which just blow everyone away